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The R.I.F.T. is a public access podcast Network with a fresh attitude . Allowing the public a voice in the paranormal ,supernatural , and spiritual and more...

Shows 6 days a week between 8pm EST to 11:00pm EST.,Join in nightly for a different show

The R.I.F.T. Network- Shows through out the week found on @ Speaking on : Religion, Paranormal,Spiritual,Emotions, Wisdom,Knowledge ,Metamorphic,Science and everyday life ! Giving a new edge to how blogtalk is heard and perceived ... with new personalities coming forth, and bringing you something new and dare we say adventurous . Bringing the past to the future of radio and podcasting !

 Blogtalk show network ,who does not feel they are better than the rest, but wanting something new for the air waves . Opening the gates to the mind , truth , understanding , giving the public a voice , giving true knowledge to all those who listen to our shows and giving peace to those who may be in search of an answer. Allowing open opinion to those who deserve the right .

R- Radio
I - Immersion
F - From
T - Time 

All opinions and statement are of the hosts

and does not reflect on The R.I.F.T. Network nor Blogtalkradio !

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