The R.I.F.T. Network- Shows through out the week found on @ Speaking on : Religion, Paranormal,Spiritual,Emotions, Wisdom,Knowledge ,Metamorphic,Science and everyday life ! Giving a new edge to how blogtalk is heard and perceived ... with new personalities coming forth, and bringing you something new and dare we say adventurous . Bringing the past to the future of radio and podcasting !

Rev. Kayla Rae is a powerful Lightworker who brings her many gifts to us in this lifetime. As a young child, Kayla was aware of her gift to see and hear from beyond, and over the years has finely tuned her abilities. Rev. Kayla Rae is led by guides, angels and native spirit through her readings and healings to uncover her clients’ highest and best good. She is aware that many issues in this life (physical, emotional, relationship, etc.) are tied to things beyond what we can physically see. Rev. Kayla Rae’s healings address these issues on all levels and aspects of you. Each healing is unique to the individual, allowing you to reach optimal health and wellbeing.

Black Raven Paranormal Mission


Black Raven Paranormal is an experienced,
paranormal investigation and research
organization located in Staunton,Va.

We are dedicated to the research, study and
documentation of paranormal activity in an
ethical and professional manner.   Using a
variety of methods and techniques in the
paranormal field, we post our findings
and opinions here for you to view.

We share our findings based on our opinions,
beliefs and experiences in the field

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