Hosts: Sheile Gay & Kerby Dewbre

Rogue Talk Radio: Rogue Talk Radio is a show that gives a voice to anyone who has a story to tell, a place for authors, cryptids, paranormal, psychics, spiritual healers to time travelers and much more, with no judgement just us listening and asking questions. We are never going to ridicule or be demeaning to any guest we have on the show.

Host: Lisa Reynaga

We all need a voice of encouragement, of challenge, and sometimes of reassurance that we are not alone and that there is help for us. We need to know that there is someone out there that will listen to what we have to say. Footprint tries to provide a outlet for everyday people to make their voice heard. We cover everything from the Paranormal, metaphysics and spirituality, to addiction and other issues that need to be brought into the light.

Host: Anan Celeste & Rene Hert

For the seeker and the initiate in spirituality, can find articles ,videos and interviews about different views and practices in different spiritual practices. Including atheists and non theistic beliefs. Our show creates a space to discuss and shed light in these topics and much more.

There is no wrong way to find your divinity or place within the cosmos. Human beings thrive in the presence of self acceptance and unconditional love. Let's talk about unity and how to bring forth all that makes us unique.

Host Chad

I am a politically incorrect a#&*$# with an opinion and I speak my mind about it... Don't like my opinion? Sorry about your luck. Do I offend you? Sorry about your luck. You're welcome to call in and challenge it, but be warned, it takes a true bit of doing to change my mind. Either I'll change yours or you could change mine or we'll just agree to disagree. No subject is taboo or off limits to me including government, politics, and dumb asses.

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